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It all started while I was slacking off at the office with my two

It all started while I was slacking off at the office with my two girlfriends Mina and Jackie. Since our boss was out for the day, we spent our time browsing some porn on the web. While we browsed our discussion turned to men and their packages. I felt a little left out. They went on about how great their boyfriends cocks were yet all I had to share were my terrible experiences with tiny wangs. August and Mina just couldn't believe it. They were shocked to have discovered that I hadn't dealt with a well-hung cock in my life.I mmediately they grabbed their cell phones and invited their boyfriends over for a visit. It wasn't long before the guys arrived at the office, ragging on all of us for watching porn when we were supposed to be working. Is this what you do at the office all day? One of them asked. To which Mina replied, Well, we got really bored and Jana here, she's used to seeing vienna sausages - if you know what i mean. so we thought we'd help her out a little bit... we thought maybe you could show her what REAL dicks look like... I grinned as I saw both boys wide-eyed and amazed at the suggestion. Really?! Are you cool with that?! They asked the girls. After confirming their blessings, the girls shouted, GET NAKED! T.J. and Aaron wasted no time in stripping off all of their clothing. I was positioned in the center and felt like a horny princess sitting on her throne. Aaron and T.J. were bare ass naked, standing on either side of me, flaunting their juicy cocks. I extended my arms and began playing with both of them. August and Mina grabbed the lube bottle and poured some into my palms. After rubbing my palms together I spread the gel all over T.J. and Aaron's genitals making them nice and slippery. Their girlfriends helped too, milking cock and massaging their balls. The guys moaned in pleasure, slightly bucking their hips at my eager hands while I worked both dick shafts. August? Mina began asking. Do you mind if I check out what your boyfriend's got over there? The guys lit up when they heard this, eager to have their cocks touched by every woman in the room. Do you guys mind? August inquired. I'm cool with it if you're cool with it T.J. informed Aaron. Aaron nodded in agreement.Everyone seemed fine with it, so they switched places with each other. Mina and August quickly got to work on the new dicks as they spat each other's boyfriend's cocks.They continued tugging on them and driving them into pure manual ecstacy. The boys grunted and came within seconds of each other, their sex juices spilling all over our fingers. I guess all the sexual activity worked up our appetites because we were all feeling a bit famished when it was over. You guys hungry for hot dogs? T.J. amusingly asked still butt naked. We all laughed together and decided to go out for lunch. I guess work that day wasn't so boring after all.

It all started while I was slacking off at the office with my two

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